The Absolute Insidiousness of Weaponizing Children


7,000 pairs of children’s shoes lined one after another at the Washington Capitol on Tuesday afternoon.

“14,000 empty shoes at the Capitol representing all the children killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook… and still no action from Congress” bemoaned Reverb Press.

As the opening ceremonies of the “March for Our Lives” event began, it appeared the end stage of Democracy had arrived: total and rabid mob-rule of the highest order.

Take a picket, pick up a sign, march.  Demand your wishes as human rights.  Demonize all who oppose.  Nevermind how many of those empty shoes were from suicides, or gang-violence.  They want laws, and they want them now.

While Conservatives love consoling one another that America is indeed a Constitutional Banana Republic with a wonderful Bill of Rights, there seems to be a lack of genuine intellectual integrity to acknowledge that these are mere words with no real bearing on the reality of the matter.  The Constitution is a dead letter, all thanks to a never-ending expansion to the Right to Bill Bill of Rights and the Leviathan State that only grows, and never shrinks.

The total inability to state the plainly obvious, or grasp the depth and extent of the damage, has led us to the current state of affairs, where Conservatives sit quietly on the sidelines wondering if their eyes deceive them.

You live under a system where laws and judiciaries are made by the process of popular will, indistinguishable from the selecting of a Prom Queen.  It doesn’t matter if the Founders intended this to happen or not, this is the world you live in today (and yes, Liberals DO want to abolish the Electoral College).

Women and children have been pushed to the front lines by your political adversaries to be used as weapons against everything you hold dear.

They are being told that you, as husbands, enslave them.  They are being told that you, as Americans, have the blood of slavery and white privilege on your hands.  They are being told that you, as parents, hate them, that you are their oppressors, and they are charged with fixing the world “you fucked up”.

The marches began Wednesday, amidst speculation as to where the funding came from how civil the protests would be.

One scene filmed at Antioch High School (near Nashville, TN) documented a group of teenagers ripping down an American flag.

Another video showed teenagers jumping on the hood and roof of a police car.

The few schools that threatened disciplinary action were demonized as infringing upon free speech.

With some claims surfacing that students were coerced or forced to partake in the protest.

CBS News reported this will not be the last walkout if gun laws do not change.

The usual ringleaders made their appearances, justifying and antagonizing the social animosity.  Bernie Sanders gave a speech to endorse Hillary Clinton inspire the teenagers marching for another vacation home change.

Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) called for lowering the existing voting age.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York participated in a “die-in”, joining the calls to control soda guns.

And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen this before…

Where the solution lay and where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.  The traditional family has vanished, fatherlessness is rampant, millenials aren’t getting married, have nothing in savings, and 1/3 still live at home.  Whatever role religion formerly played in helping communities in time of need has all but disappeared for worship at the alter of Washington.  Communal associations like Friars Clubs and bowling leagues memberships in a constant decline.

There is probably no one easy solution.  However, the brooding sense that this is not something that will blow over, and something much more sinister and nefarious may quite literally be marching towards us via the divided family should cause Conservatives to pause and reflect on the true nature of their political reality.

P.S. If it were up to them, they would take your guns.


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