Eminem gets Woke on Gun Control


Remember the good old days, when Sir Elton John and Eminem stood in unison against the mob of “Rally Against Hate” outside the 2001 Grammy’s?  My, how times have changed.

Though not unfamiliar to mixing music with politics, the election of Donald Trump appears to have quite literally *TRIGGERED* Marshall Mathers III, and turned the once prolifically rebellious and counter-culture musician into a full-blown SJW shill.  Given his endearing sentiments for the “dropped-a-bomb-every-10-minutes” Barack Obama, it is only natural to wonder if it’s really Washington that Eminem despises, or just Conservatives.

You may recall a 4 minute video at the BET Hip Hop awards dedicated to “drawing a line in the sand” against Donald Trump, and consequently releasing a protest album that even Slate said was “terrible.” Fast forward a few months to last Sunday, when Eminem blamed mass shootings and gun violence on fatherlessness.

Just kidding, the NRA.  Eminem blamed the NRA.

The grand conspiracy of the NRA’s direct involvement and financing of mass shootings (though curiously never being directly involved?) found a new spokesperson at the iHeartRadio performance Sunday night. The Grammy-award winning musician launched into a pro-gun control verse prior to his song “Nowhere Fast”.

“Another loaded gunman/Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to, it’s blowing up. This whole country is going nuts, and the NRA is our way. They’re responsible for this whole production. They hold the strings, they control the puppet. And they threaten to take donor bucks. So they know the government won’t do nothing and no one’s budging. Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons. They love their guns more than our children. Shh, I think another one just entered in our building”

Curiously, one has to wonder the spontaneity and coordination of the performance. The rapper was introduced by one of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, donning a “March For Our Lives” shirt.  Given the recent claims surrounding the March of “astroturfing”, attracting high-profile sponsorship from other ambiguously-intentioned events, and even seeing cities like Baltimore using their tax-dollars to hire buses to transport kids to the March, it is sad to see the man who once stood against the tsunami and onslaught of politically-correct culture only become another zombie-like, self-hating White, SJW-drone when it seems all of popular culture is filled with hate and vitriol to anyone Left of Bernie Sanders.

Somebody may want to get him the statistics on gun-control, crime and murder in his beloved hometown of Detroit. 

Or how much money the NRA comparatively spends.


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