WATCH: Cringey White-Guilt Ancestry Commercial

Man immediately relives the Trail of Tears after learning he's 6% Native American


“Dear ancestors, you were pushed out of your homeland, but you could never be broken.  You walked together, you built your home again,”

This is the dramatic narration voiced on top of’s latest commercial, which depicts Native American men, women and children being marched barefoot through the snow by onlooking White settlers on horseback.

He continues, “My DNA showed that I am Native American, and connected me to cousins, who taught me about our tribe.  My name is Joseph Reese, and this is my Ancestry DNA story.”

And what did his DNA story reveal?

A 6% shared heritage with Native Americans, and a 4th cousin.  We have officially entered the timeline where South Park has become indistinguishable from real life.  And, considering he is nearly 50% European, why doesn’t he identify with the white settlers?

Sounds reminiscent of when Ben Affleck demanded PBS not publish their finding of his ancestor’s slave holdings.

Or when Bernie Sanders said White people don’t know what it’s like to be poor…






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