Georgia Governor Revokes Delta’s Tax Break In Response To NRA Decision


The debate and boycott over guns and the NRA escalated to a new level this afternoon. On Monday the Georgia Senate announced they would be blocking a tax benefit for Delta Airlines. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle sent out a tweet on Monday saying he would kill any tax benefits for Delta unless they reinstated their relationship with the NRA.

Cagle’s response comes after Delta and numerous other companies announced they would be cutting ties with the NRA and its members following the school shooting in Parkland, FL. The Delta announcement has infuriated conservatives since just days prior had claimed that they wanted to remain neutral on “politically and emotionally charged issues.”

Originally the bill was designed to give Delta huge savings by exempting them from sales tax on jet fuel. However, if the tax relief bill does end up getting permanently blocked, it could cost Delta up to $50 million dollars a year. There now is a growing list of republicans calling for Delta’s tax break to come to an end.

This story is developing…


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